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Ing. Nica Cociuba certification:

European foto galerry

C.V. Image Cociuba Nica

- Curriculum Vitae

Politics and European Studies - Padova and Bruxxelles

Undergraduate education

Computer engineering certification

  - Admision to Aurel Vlaicu University

- Employment Record Book

  - UVVG Arad Academics Days

  - Certification - Project Manager

CISCO Certificate

  - Computer Skills

  - Doctorate

  - Energy efficiency

  - European Certification

  - International Economic Relations

Italian Consulate

Language Studies

  - Master's degree

  - Memorandum of Activity

  - Patent invention

  - Project Manager

Agriculture qualifications

  - Romanian government

Pedagogics certificate

  - Summer school at U.A.V. Arad and YORK University Canada

  - Voluntary acts