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Holographic European Network Dome NHD-EU was thaught to be a strong knowledge society infrastructure that connects universities, institutions and European administrations, making possible broadband transmissions in real time of events, conferences and knowledge,  by using 3D holographic technique with possibilities of immersion and telepresence.


            Holographic European Network Dome NHD- EU will totally change the current educational system focused on reading and writing  having a low efficiency (5% - 8%) in knowledge assimilation, with a three-dimensional image system  based on 3D holographic with multimedia possibilities that allow interactivity, immersion, telepresence, having a great knowledge assimilation efficiency (80% - 85%).


            Holographic European Network Dome NHD-EU will contribute to speeding up the process of Europeanization,  by using strong connections between European hubs represented primarily by universities which are leading the development of the knowledge society characterized by lifelong learning (LLL), exponential  growth (EG), and artificial intelligence (AI) and will  thus contribute to the "eEurope"project realisation.



            I would like to invite you to join this initiative in order to form a EUROPEAN CONSORTIUM  to promote Holographic Dome NHD-EU Network project funded and managed directly from Brussels on society and knowledge economy.


                                                                                                                                                 Ing. Cociuba Nica